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St. Patrick's Faith Formation

2020-21 Faith Formation Registration Form

2020/2021 Faith Formation Schedule

Every year St. Patrick’s Catholic Church holds the annual “Pine Bough Bazaar”. They receive donations from area businesses to raffle off at this event. This year the “Bazaar” was cancelled due to COVID 19, but the Freshman Faith Formation class went ahead with the raffle. This year they chose to donate all the funds to 3 areas that help feed the poor. The services provided by these organizations are valuable and necessary in our present-day circumstances. When they thought of all the people that these organizations have helped already and think of the vast number of people still in need, they were strongly compelled to help support these good causes. Donations of $365 each went to ‘Closer to Home’, ‘the Good Shepherd Food Pantry’ and ‘Food for the Poor’. The items they ordered for ‘Food for the Poor’ consisted of 1 goat (to give milk), 3 piglets, 6 fruit trees, 20 chickens, and 200 pounds of rice and beans. Pictured from L-R: Meradith, Gabby, Fia, Demi, Lucy and Kenli. Not pictured – Cody, Aubrey, Kenzie & Chayse

Religious Formation at St. Patrick's includes religious education for grades Preschool through 10th grades as well as 11th grade confirmation preparation.

Registration forms for Faith Formation can be obtained by contacting the parish office 432-2626 or by sending an email to Sandi Schiaffo at ccdstpats340@gmail.com.

Religious Formation also includes the RCIA program for individuals who are interested in joining the catholic faith through our Adult Education program. 

For more information regarding the RCIA program please contact Fr. Todd K. Philipsen, Pastor, 432-2626 Ext. 14 or frtodd@hotmail.com